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Adding Value Through ISA Audits/Doing ISA audits profitably


In these changing times, an increasing number of clients will question the value they obtain from audits. This is especially the case as audit costs have increased considerably with the introduction of the clarified ISA’s. The purpose of this course is to illustrate how and where audit can be part of the adding value process, so that more realistic fees may be charged.


The course will cover the following areas:

  • Identifying which areas of the audit can add value for your client and the most commercial approach to take
  • Identifying and reporting on system improvements
  • Identifying systems and controls that you can place reliance on
  • Dealing with compliance issues
  • Identifying reasons for poor performance and devising strategies to help the client to improve its performance, including help to set up specific performance measurement criteria
  • Using this work as part of your audit evidence.
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