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File Reviews and Other Services

File Reviews and Other Services

We help you reduce the risk of regulatory problems wherever you are in the world, both inside and outside the UK. We currently have clients utilising our products and advisory services in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta, Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas, Botswana, Malawi and throughout Latin America and in many other countries.

Our most popular services outside the UK are individual audit file reviews, ISQC 1 reviews and in house training. The audit file reviews can be conducted on site or the audit files can be couriered through to us or sent electronically. ISQC 1 reviews and in house training are conducted on site. All reviews include the production of a comprehensive report.

We have a full range of audit support tools available including audit programmes, example audit files and ISQC 1 manuals. These are all available for sale in our shop.

Action Plan Drafting

After a visit from your Regulatory Body to monitor the quality of your audit work, the next stage is to respond to the recommendations raised. With ICAEW’s Quality Assurance Directorate (QAD), this involves outlining what action you will take in respect of the recommendations raised. With other Professional Bodies this involves you drafting an action […]

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Designated Professional Body (DPB) rules compliance review

Many firms of accountants are now registered with their professional body to provide limited financial services advice under Designated Professional Body scheme (DPB). What some do not realise though is that there are rules that need to be complied with and one such rule is that the firm should conduct an annual review of their […]

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Small Practice Assistance Scheme

This package is designed to meet the requirements of small accountancy practices who want a good level of technical support at a fixed price. The package runs for a twelve month period and includes: One postal review of your choice of audit file; An on site visit; and Unlimited audit and accountancy technical queries. The […]

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Off Site Audit File Reviews

This popular service enables practices to have an individual file reviewed quickly and comprehensively off site. The file is sent into one of the PCP offices and is reviewed by one of our expert file reviewers before being returned by secure courier. Both hot and cold file reviews can be undertaken. The service is led […]

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Audit File Cold Review

Cold File Reviews are conducted after the audit report has been signed off. They may be necessary as a result of a regulatory visit, or in assisting you in compliance with ISQC 1 (for sole practitioners, ISQC 1 makes external cold file reviews compulsory). We can ensure that previous recommendations and all other issues pertaining […]

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Audit File Hot Review

Hot File Reviews are conducted prior to audit finalisation. They may be necessary as a result of a regulatory visit, an independence issue or merely to improve quality. Hot File Reviews are an important objectivity safeguard for many firms today. An Audit Hot Review can be completed for higher risk jobs, to satisfy regulators requirements, […]

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Audit Planning

With the increase in the number of International Standards of Auditing resulting in increased paperwork on audits, many firms are struggling to make a profit on their audit assignments. Often if there had been greater consideration of the key issues at the planning stage of an audit the time wasting and irrelevant testing could have […]

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Dealing With Audit Regulatory Visits

The members of the PCP team have a combined experience of over 20 years of dealing with audit regulators. You can use this experience to help you through your regulatory visit. All regulatory bodies place a lot of emphasis on practices highlighting weaknesses themselves, and implementing procedures to ensure that those weaknesses are eliminated. Our […]

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Audit Compliance Review & ISQC 1 Quality Control Reviews

The number of financial reporting and auditing standards along with the expected level of compliance are constantly increasing. This imposes a greater burden on accountancy practices that are competing to provide cost-effective audits while maintaining full compliance with audit regulation and standards. We can assist accountancy practices to ensure that compliance issues are dealt with, […]

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