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Guide to Practical Audit Compliance For Partners and Managers

This course has been designed to help participants prepare their practices for ACCA audit monitoring visits. The most common causes of unsatisfactory monitoring visit outcomes will be identified and discussed during the course. Participants will learn how to undertake audits and to record audit work in a manner consistent with the requirements of Auditing Standards and which will consequently meet monitoring visit requirements. The course will involve case study examples and is suitable for partners and also managers in public practice.

Day One – The planning process and recording of audit evidence(part one)

  • the regulatory process
  • the methodology for improving your compliance procedures
  • impact of International Standards of Auditing
  • the permanent file
  • the planning process
    • risk and materiality
    • identifying key areas
    • tailoring the audit programme
  • recording audit evidence
    • getting it right
    • the audit of fixed assets
    • the audit of expenditure
  • common problems and how to avoid them

Day Two – Recording audit evidence (part two) and completion of the file

  • recap on principles from day one
  • recording audit evidence
    • the audit of cash and bank
    • the audit of debtors
    • the audit of work in progress
    • the audit of stock
    • the audit of creditors
    • the audit of income
  • the completion process
    • going concern
    • post balance sheet events
    • reviewing the file
  • common problems and how to avoid them
  • audit reports
  • overauditing
  • ISQC 1
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